Jordan Frisbee - What is West Coast Swing

30. March 2011

During The Boston Tea Party 2011, I was fortunate to actually meet Jordan Frisbee. He is a very good teacher and a nice person. He took time to answer a question: What is West Coast Swing?


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Dance for Japan

26. March 2011


"Tango Dancers Contribute to Japan Relief

The Japanese people are suffering from the most powerful earthquake in Japan's recorded history, a giant tsunami wave and a nuclear crisis that will last hundreds of years. Even in a developed country, people are cold and sick, many have no food or water, and some of what they have is contaminated by radiation. WE NEED YOUR HELP

From now through April, milonga organizers around the world are joining together to donate $1 (or more) for every dancer."

More details here:

Skippy Blair - About West Coast Swing

25. March 2011

A few words from Skippy right from her dance studio:

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Skippy Blair

21. March 2011

I just finished an Intensive with Skippy Blair the First Lady of Swing.

Skippy Blair (by her birth name Maybelle Stewart) was born on March 15th 1924 and is the founder of Golden State Dance Teacher’s Association, co-founder of the World Swing Dance Council, an inductee into the National Swing Dance Hall of Fame, and the creator of the Universal Unit System™. Among the GSDTA teachers are Jordan Frisbee, Tatiana Mollmann, Mary Ann Nuñez and Sharlot Bott

I hope to get some time to write an article about this experience. Meanwhile, if you are serious in starting to teach West Coast Swing, Skippy Blair is a MUST!



Skippy and Myself in front of her house


Mary Ann Nuñez, Skippy Blair, Myself and Sarah Grusmark


Our class


My West Coast 101 certificate

OC Dance

20. March 2011

OC Dance is "an excellent source of information of where to dance and take lessons in Orange County and Los Angeles County area". I really love this site. Some of the best instructors featured on the site are: Phil Adams, Michele Adams, Carrie Lucas, Martin Parker, Skippy Blair, Tom HyattPatty StraightLisa Narita, Eric Myers, Jerry Dawson, Sonny Watson, Mike Miller, Bernard and Sonyo and these are just a few.

Good job Mark and Nancy!

West Coast Swing Romania - Statistics

14. March 2011

Well, I finished the Faculty of Mathematics so I guess it’s a habit for me to analyze things by using numbers.

So here are the facts: I launched the site on 25-01-2011. I had 279 visitors from 25 countries: Romania, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, France, Italy, China, Austria, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Philippines, Réunion, Netherlands, Malaysia, Turkey, Spain, Denmark, Thailand, India, Japan.

I started to teach West Coast Swing introductory lessons on 23-01-2011. We had 13 lessons, the 13th one taking place on the 13th of March (funny coincidence).

A total of 36 “unique visitors” did triple steps with me, 30 of them for the first time. A complete list of people that attended my class can be found here: So, in conclusion, it’s not an incredible accomplishment, but considering that I didn’t advertise and it's been less than 2 months since we've started – I consider it ok.

Hopefully, in another two months the statistics will look better.


Westie Summer Festival - 1-3 July 2011 Lyon, France

12. March 2011



West Coast Swing videos

4. March 2011

The first source for West Coast Swing videos is usually YouTube. Well, there is something better:

West Coast Swing in Brasil

4. March 2011