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What's in a name

7. July 2011


As the name West Coast Swing Romania is not exactly suited for a dance school, we did a little research to get a proper name.

Most of the schools in the US are named Swing Club CityName. Therefore I proposed Swing Club Bucharest. It wasn’t a well receive proposal. “It sounds like an auto club, no way”.

Ok, I moved on and find other pattern - using actual names “Jordan and Tatiana”, “John Lindo”, “Jessic a Cox”. This time I opposed to this idea.

The next path was to be the winning one – choosing an element that is somehow related to the dancing activity or West Coast Swing in particular like “2 Left Feet” for example. So the result was “Triple Step”. Asking Andrei Dumitriu how he feels about it, he said that ideally we would have an official name that could be for example “Triple Step Swing Club”. Our name as a school consequently became “Triple Step Swing Club”.

Congratulations to us Cool